Caterpillar 320D Amphibious Excavator

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Modèle:Caterpillar 320D Amphibious Excavator
Année de fabrication: 2016
Poids 32,000.00 kg
Puissance 112.00 kW

The BIG amphibious excavator / swamp buggy is a highly unique machine designed to work in marshy, swampy area and soft terrain, where it can also float on water as an added safety feature.

The amphibious excavator is completely self-propelled. This makes that it can access all terrains. Together with the HDD Submersible Dredge Pump as attachment, the Amphibious Excavator is a multi-purposed dredger. The amphibious undercarriage can be used with different type of brands and models.

Including hydraulic power pack (128kW), side pontoon set with spud poles,set of 40kw(each) thrusters and Submersible Dredge Pump 200 with cutter drive.

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