Caterpillar D6R XL series II

Prix demandé :€ 78.000
Modèle:Caterpillar D6R XL series II
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Année de fabrication: 2004
No. de Stock E04555AT
Poids 25,000.00 kg
Puissance 129.00 kW
Longeur 5,530.00 mm

Field of application: Construction
Condition undercarriage: 85%. Caterpillar D6R, delivered new in 2004, E-rops cab with airconditioning, 6 cylinder turbocharged Cat C9 ACERT Technology engine with 185HP (138kW), 3 speed powershift transmission, semi U- blade w/tilt, differential steering, front and rear work lights, rear view camera, drawbar, operating weight 25.000 Kgs, new track shoes 610mm, new carrier rollers. CE marked. Machine comes straight out of work and is in clean condition. Inspections are welcome.

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base: 3048 mmbase: 4084.32 mmbase: 3261.36 mmpoids: 21610.8 kg
capacité carburant: 354.445 litrescapacité carburant: 359.45 litrescapacité carburant: 359.45 litrespuissance (brut): 150 kW
capacité de lame: 3 m3capacité de lame: 4.5873 m3capacité de lame: 3.21111 m3
largeur de lame: 3048 mmlargeur de lame: 4084.32 mmlargeur de lame: 3261.36 mm
moteur: 8.06 litresmoteur: 8.78 litresmoteur: 8.788 litres
poids: 12784.05 kgpoids: 19104.3 kgpoids: 16473.15 kg
puissance (brut): 93.75 kWpuissance (brut): 112.5 kWpuissance (brut): 112.5 kW
puissance (net): 93.75 kWpuissance (net): 112.5 kWpuissance (net): 108.75 kW
vitesse max: 9.982 km/hvitesse max: 10.143 km/h

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