Caterpillar D6T XL

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Modèle:Caterpillar D6T XL
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Année de fabrication: 2011
No. de Stock E04664AT
Poids 20,937.00 kg
Puissance 168.00 kW
Longeur 5,130.00 mm

Field of application: Construction
Condition undercarriage: 85%. Caterpillar D6T XL, E-rops cab with airconditioning, 6 cylinder turbocharged Cat C9 ACERT Technology engine with 185HP (138kW), 3 speed powershift transmission, wrist control steering, differential steering, A blade with double tilt, new cutting edge, undercarriage average 85% remaining, drawbar, counterweight, front & rear work lights, Ripper or winch can be attached at extra cost. Machine comes straight out of work and is in clean condition. Inspections are welcome.

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base: 3048 mmbase: 4084.32 mmbase: 3261.36 mmpoids: 21610.8 kg
capacité carburant: 354.445 litrescapacité carburant: 359.45 litrescapacité carburant: 359.45 litrespuissance (brut): 150 kW
capacité de lame: 3 m3capacité de lame: 4.5873 m3capacité de lame: 3.21111 m3
largeur de lame: 3048 mmlargeur de lame: 4084.32 mmlargeur de lame: 3261.36 mm
moteur: 8.06 litresmoteur: 8.78 litresmoteur: 8.788 litres
poids: 12784.05 kgpoids: 19104.3 kgpoids: 16473.15 kg
puissance (brut): 93.75 kWpuissance (brut): 112.5 kWpuissance (brut): 112.5 kW
puissance (net): 93.75 kWpuissance (net): 112.5 kWpuissance (net): 108.75 kW
vitesse max: 9.982 km/hvitesse max: 10.143 km/h

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