MAN TGA 41.430 8x4 Cifa K48-XRZ Concrete pump UNUSED

Prix demandé :€ 279.000
Modèle:Man TGA 41.430 8x4 Cifa K48-XRZ Concrete pump UNUSED
Année de fabrication: 2009
No. de Série WMAHW3ZZ18M499225
Couleur de Base White

Applicable material: Concrete

• Advantageous assembling on standard 4 axle chassis
• Self-supporting frame, torsion free, FEM designed
• Placing boom B5RZ 48/44, 5 sections,
• pipeline / tube diameter 125 mm, “RZ” folding system
• Fully hydraulic outrigger controls on both sides of the truck
• Front “X style” diagonal outriggers with sequence controlled triple patented telescopic opening and swing-out rear outriggers for a quick and easy set-up
• “Load Sensing” proportional boom control
• The “BFC” Best-Flex Cifa supporting system allowing just one man to change delivery pipeline easily, quickly and safely
• Concrete flow rate regulator
• HP pumping unit with closed circuit and reversal flow:
• super performances, high pressures and output, high reliability and easy and reduced maintenance, 10 inches S valve (HP1808ECX)
• alternatively: no registration available
• HP pumping system with open circuit: (HP1606H) smooth, continuous and easy pumping, combined with high reliability
• Safety device on opening inspection hatch

Tyres: 100

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